Monday, Oct 7, 2002 (Shenandoah NP):
      We relocated to a better campsite this AM and set up house keeping, put out the awning and kicked back. Smokey, the cat, likes it here, as there are squirrels and chipmunks all around for her to watch. Several times today, deer wandered by our campsite.  We get good TV here on top of the 3300' mountain and the cell phone works.  Now if there is a place to send this email - - -?
Tuesday, Oct 8, 2002 (Shenandoah NP, VA):
      Joe checked with the park service and they have no place to do email so we're going down into the real world and look for a public library where we can send email.  Another front came through last night and the temp was 40 on the mountain this AM and is only up to 51 at 1PM.  It feels great after the hot, muggy, sweaty summer in MS.  We even had to add a blanket on the bed.  We went to Walmart, then stopped at the Public Library to send email and found they had a whole room of computers but wouldn't let Joe have a phone jack to send email.  We came back to the park and he went down to the check-in station and determined there was a phone box where the pay phone was wired to an outside box, so went back at night and tapped into it to send email.  It was not officially sanctioned but he used the 800 number for AOL and got it done. 
Wednesday, Oct 9, 2002 (Shenandoah):                    See pictures.
      Today we built a campfire and sat out by it and read all day. The deer wander by all day and night. There is an apple tree nearby and Sue has made some deer friends by shaking the tree.  About 100' from the M/H is the Applachian Trail and a big rock from which you can see the whole valley, for miles below, and where you can sit and watch the sun set.  It was warmer this AM, up to 52, but is still cloudy.  We hope to get some sunny wx soon.  Bob, Nita and the kids should be here, tomorrow.
Thursday, Oct 10, 2002 (Shenandoah):
      The visibility was poor today.  We built a campfire and Bob, Nita, Nathan & Jenna arrived. They sat with us awhile around the campfire until it started misting. We followed them up the Skyline drive to Skyland where they got a room. We drove back late in the afternoon and saw dozens of deer, including 8 bucks with 6-8 point antlers, but forgot to take the camera. It rained all night.

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Shenandoah National Park
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On the Road 18 - Oct 7 to Oct 10 - Smokey Mountain and Shenandoah National Park