Sunday, Oct 20, 2002 (Smokemont CG, Smokey Mtn. NP, NC):
      We left this AM between 8 & 9AM. We decided to skip the Blue Ridge Parkway, since we have driven it before, and headed down I-81. We stopped for a late breakfast at Shoney's and planned to stop around the VA/TN state line for the night. After checking out all the commercial campgrounds in the book and finding them all in the $20-$30 range, we decided we'd stay in the Walmart parking lot in Johnson City, TN, so we could get precriptions filled there on Monday AM. It was a BIG Super Walmart with a really small parking lot, filed with cars and we barely managed to get the M/H through it and out the other side. We continued to the Walmart in Ashville, NC and found it to be about the same, so just kept going to Smokemont CG in the park. We got here after dark, worn out, pulled into a spot and called it a night after 442 miles. Not our usual way to travel.
Monday, Oct 21, 2002 (Smokey Mtn. NP):
      Joe got up about 8:30AM and went down to check us in and was told our reservaions Harry made did not include a spot by the river. He decided to drive around that loop and see if any spots were available. They were all taken but he found Harry & Donna's 5th wheel and pickup in a spot on the side away from the river where they had arrived about an hour before we did last night. There were lots of vacant pull through spots near where we had stayed last night so they moved up there and we moved to a spot next to them. We are both 1 spot over from where we parked 2 years ago here. After we were set up, we sat outside under our awning (it was misting rain) and caught up on the news from home, then rode with Harry & Donna over the mountain to Walmart in Sevierville, TN to pick up a few things and get precriptions refilled and ate steak buffet at Golden Corral. It was after dark before we got back to camp.
Tuesday, Oct 22, 2002 (Smokey Mtn. NP):
      The weather was better today and we even saw the sun for awhile. We sat outside all day and ate at the picnic table. Joe went down to the office to see if he could send email but was told, NO. We built a campfire and sat outside until dark.

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Smokey Mountain National Park
On the Road 19 - Oct 20-22 - Smokey Mountain National Park
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