Jan 17-24, 2003:
     Three days before leaving, Joe's laptop computer had to be sent back to the factory for service, fortunately, under warrenty. We left home on Friday, Jan 17 and went to visit our daughter, Nita and husband, Bob Best, Nathan & Jenna at their home in Florence,MS.  On Tuesday, they called to say the computer was fixed, so Joe had them ship it 2 day air to Bruce's in Houston.  We left there in 20 degree weather Thurs. Jan 23 and spent the night in Walmart's parking lot in Lafayette, LA, where our friend Pat Parke came by for a short visit.  We left this AM (Friday) and arrived in downtown Houston, TX about 3 am for a weekend visit with our son Bruce and wife, Judy.  To our surprise, the laptop was actually there, so Joe hooked up and downloaded email
On the Road # 2, 2003 - Home to El Paso, TX
Jan 25-26 (Houston):
     We spent the weekend with Bruce and Judy, parked in front of their home (in the warehouse) in down- town Houston. 
Jan 27 (Houston - Sonora):
     We had a good visit, left Houston at 6 AM and were able to beat the morning rush.  Since we got such an early start we were in San Antonio by 10:30 and decided we needed to make some more miles today.  We called Jimmy and Trudy Ratliff (who we met in Naples, Italy in 1964), parked in the Walmart parking lot near their home.  They came by and chatted for a while and we went to Luby's for lunch.  We were back on the road soon after 1 PM and made it to Caverns of Sonora campground before 5 PM. 
      We didn't do the cave tour since a mile and a half with lots of steps didn't excite either of us.  We enjoyed their campground, however.  They had water and elec. hookups for under $15 and we saw a dozen deer right around the campground and a flock of peacocks, who came by to beg for food.
Tuesday,Jan 28 (Sonora - El Paso):
     We left about 8:30 AM and saw more deer, a flock of wild turkeys and sheep and cattle on the way back to the interstate.  It was an interesting excursion about 4-5 miles off the interstate and we recommend it.  You might even want to do the cave tour.  We got to El Paso by 2 PM and stopped at IHOP for breakfast.  We are in the campground at Ft. Bliss (about the nicest military campground we've found).  Sue is doing laundry and Joe is getting email ready to send.  We plan to stay 2 nights here.
Wednesday, Jan 29 (El Paso):
     We'll take it easy here today and do a few minor housekeeping jobs, then head for Sierra Vista, AZ tomorrow.  We'll be there for a couple of weeks and that'll be nice.  We'll do email again from there when there's something to tell.

Joe & Nancy Sue "On the Road", Ft. Bliss, El Paso, TX. 
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