On the Road # 3, 2003 - El Paso, TX to Sierra Vista, AZ
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Thursday, Jan 30, 2003
(Sierra Vista, AZ)
     We left El Paso by way of the Trans Mountain Road and through the Mountain SP and traveled I-10 across NM and into AZ.  The scenery in both states are similar - rugged desert, pretty from the MH, but not to someone afoot or a hungry cow.  We drove 320 miles to Sierra Vista, AZ, arriving about 3 PM.  The main campground was full, here on Ft. Huachuca, as it always is, because they let people reserve it 90 days ahead, so we're in the overflow at the Sportsman's Center.  The main campground is usually booked solid by the end of October and who wants to plan that far ahead.  We hate the reservation system and hope it doesn't spread.  We have water and electricity here
Friday, Jan 31 (Ft Huachuca, Sierra Vista, AZ):
     We are here for awhile so this AM we slept until we were done.  We decided to sit around today and catch up on our reading.  It was chilly last night (38) but was 83 today.  It was blue skies and sunshine all day.  The total rainfall here for 2003 is at .08 inches.  That's about as close to NONE as you can get.
and plan to stay until Feb 17.  The temp was 81 when we arrived.
Saturday, Feb 1 (Ft Huachuca, AZ):
     Bruce called this morning and made us aware of the shuttle tragedy.  We watched it on TV for awhile, went over to the main campground where Sue did laundry and Joe did email, then came back to the M/H and watched TV. 
Sunday, Feb 2 (Ft Huachuca, AZ):
     We watched TV for awhile.  It angers and disgusts us to listen to some of the idiot news people grilling the NASA people with questions like, "Will this be the end of the space program?", "Will the space station now be abandoned?" and "How can we justify spending all that money on space when there are problems here on earth?"  We hope the majority of people watching have more sense than the media people they are watching.  If they'd had TV in Spain in the 1490's when Columbus was leaving and the attitude had been that of our news media, the Indians would still be running this continent and we'd still be living in the 1400s.  Joe went to the commissary, PX, etc. to catch up on supplies and to check email.

Joe & Nancy Sue, "On the Road", Sierra Vista, AZ 
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