On the Road # 4, 2003 - Sierra Vista, AZ
Mon, Feb 3, 2003 (Ft Huachuca, AZ):
     For those who don't know and might care, "Huachuca" is pronounced "Wah-chu-ca".  This is an Army training base located at Sierra Vista, AZ in southeastern AZ.  We are about 20 miles from the Mexican border and Coronada National Monument, near the old mining town of Bisbee and the famous frontier town of Tombstone.  Tombstone (we visited in 2000) has been turned into a full blown tourist trap and most of what is left to see is phony and expensive.  The OK corral is behind an 8' wall and to see it you have to pay $20 to go in and watch a "re-enactment" of the famous gunfight.  We decided to pass.  Farther to the east, more easily reached from the town of Wilcox, is Chiricahua National Monument and Cochise's stronghold.  These have some very interesting geologic and scenic features.  Wilcox is also home to the museum of Rex Allen, the Arizona Cowboy of early  movies. Since we have been there before, we will probably pass it up this trip.  I guess we are slowing down. 
If the choice is to go back to places we've already seen, we may just stay in camp and kick back.  Prior to 2001 we were making video and film pictures so little of it is in the computer.  Someday we may get some of the earlier travels scanned in and put on the website.
Tue, Feb 4:
     The weather today is sunny, cloudless and 65 degrees, which is typical for here in winter.  We had a few clouds yesterday and some strong gusty winds on Sunday, which ripped our awning, but no rain (.08" this YEAR).  We are at 5000' here, which makes it cooler than some other places farther north.
Wed, Feb 5:
     Today was windy again.  Joe went to town to the library to try to download a file off the internet.  He found the file he needed, but the library didn't have any way to download it.  He went by Walmart for things needed to fix a couple of things on the M/H.
Thu, Feb 6:
     The wind is minor today with cloudless skies, sunshine, temp in mid 60s, and pleasant to sit outside.  We slept late and stayed at the M/H all day, watching the latest on the shuttle disaster and the coming war in Iraq.  It now appears, to us, that we need to get the Iraqi war over quickly, because it looks like we'll have to do North Korea also.  It is obvious we no longer have a military capable of fighting on 2 major fronts at once and North Korea also knows this and is taking full advantage of it.  Military support has gone down steadily since the Reagan era and it has now become apparent.  It seemed to us, the prudent thing to do was bomb the nuclear facility in North Korea as soon as they took the seals off, but hopefully, the people making the decisions knew things about the situation that we don't.  No doubt, a large part of the decision was involved in the fact that we do not have the forces in South Korea to stop an invasion and keep from being overrun.  Therefore, we HAVE to finish the Iraqi problem before we can re-inforce the Korean Forces.  I hope this lesson becomes obvious to our politicians and the American public, who still believe in our country, and that we can rebuild our military before (as in ancient Rome) we get overrun by the barbarians and our grandchildren have to learn about slavery the hard way.

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Ft Huachuca/Sierra Vista, AZ
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