On the Road # 5, 2003 - Cowboy Music & Poetry Gathering
Sierra Vista, AZ
Fri, Feb 7 (Cowboy Music & Poetry Gathering):
     This is the first day of the CMPG and we've been looking forward to it.  We went by and bought our tickets for all 3 shows (Fri and Sat nights and Sunday afternoon).  Tickets are $10 each per performance.  We got there an hour early and still had to stand in line for them to open the doors, but did get seats down near the front.  Sue was sitting next to Bud Strom, one of the MCs but who was off duty tonight.  The music was good and the jokes and poems very entertaining (as usual).  One young lady, Patty Clayton, the program says, is descended from an early Colorado frontiersman, Benjamin Reeves, so she may be a cousin of Joe's.  We got some pictures of the performers but don't know how to email the music and sounds in any reasonable way.  Guess you'll all just have to come with us next year and see it live.
Sat, Feb 8:
     Today there were different performers in several different rooms for 1 hour shows, starting at 10 AM and going to 5 PM and all FREE.  We made the rounds to see and hear as much as possible of our favorites.  Joe got to talk with Patty Clayton (mentioned yesterday) and gave her a card.  She said she'd pass it to her aunt who is working on her Reeves ancestors and will get back to him by email.  All the artists are top quality but because they don't do rock or rap, act bizarre, dress like freaks or promote drugs, they are not rich and famous.  I guess
there's not a big demand for decent music anymore and as long as parents are stupid enough to buy their kids the trash currently being promoted, those people will continue to get rich and the kids will keep thinking their life styles are cool.  The artists here are making a living by taking their talents on the road, to shows such as this, writing much of their own poetry and songs and selling their own CDs.  We ate in the car, then went back in, got seats on the front row and enjoyed the night performance. 
Sun, Feb 9:
     We slept late this morning, then went to the last session of the CMPG at 2PM and had a good time.  Since we ate a late breakfast, our only real meal of the day was at 6PM at Po Folks so we busted the diet and really enjoyed it.  A few of our favorites we saw this weekend are: Female Singers - Belinda Gail, Patty Clayton, Sue Harris and Buckshot Dot; Groups -  Rena Randall & the Due West Trio, Ken & Lynn Mikell and Liz Masterson & Sean Blackburn;  Male Singers - Andy Hedges, who also recited funny poetry and Sid Hausman, who sang and played a REALLY mean banjo as well as guitar; AND Poet and Yarn Spinner - Dennis Gaines, who had the whole audience roaring with his tall tales in rhyme and his way of telling them.  This was just a few of the great artists we saw over the weekend.   See Pictures.

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Sierra Vista, AZ
Cochise County Cowboy Music and Poetry Gathering
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