On the Road # 7, 2003 - Tuscon, AZ
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Friday, Feb 21:
     We got into the main campground, today, with full hookups.  We'll stay here about 2 weeks if everything goes as planned.  I doubt we'll do much while here since we've seen it all a couple of times before, but we're sending some pictures from previous trips. 
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The Suguaro NP is in two parts east and west of Tuscon and has giant Suguaro (pronounced Sue-wah-row) cactus and other desert plants and varmints.  Just south of the AFB is the Air and Space Museum and all around is the aviation junkyard for the whole US military with hundreds of acres of aircraft from WWII types all the way up to F-18s.  There's probably enough hardware here to double our air power if there were people to fly them.  To the south is the Titan Missile Museum, an old missle silo which is now open to the public.  To the SW about 100 miles is Organ Pipe Cactus NP and we might go back there, when we leave here, since we haven't been since 2000 and don't have any digital pictures of it.  It is right on the Mexican border.

Joe & Nancy Sue,
On the Road, Tuscon, AZ
Monday, Feb 17, 2003 (Sierra Vista to Tuscon, AZ):
     We made the short trip ( about 70 miles) this AM from Sierra Vista to Tuscon.  The awning fabric we ordered from Camping World, a week and a half ago, is still not here.  They checked on it and said it was shipped Thursday but since it's on a truck somewhere they can't track it.  The campground here at Davis-Monthan AFB is fuller than we've ever seen it.  We're told we'll be in the overflow area for 4-5 nights with no hookups before we can get into the regular campground.
Tuesday, Feb 18 - Thursday Feb 20 (Davis-Monthan AFB, Tuscon, AZ):
     Joe went to the Auto Hobby Shop to see if they could do some work on the Honda.  They sent him to a place off base, where he went, made an appointment and will go back tomorrow AM.  They called from Camping World to say the new awning cover had arrived and we made an appointment for Thursday afternoon to go there.  We might get a spot in the campground by Thursday.  Wednesday, Joe took the Honda to the shop this AM for a tune up.  We are still in the overflow area.  We read all afternoon and watched TV.  Thursday, we took the M/H to Camping World to get the awning installed.  Unfortunately, this Camping World is owned by, and their installation done by Boudry RV, next door.  We had been to Boudry a couple of years ago for M/H service and got poor service for a big price.  It hasn't improved!  They got Joe's cell phone number and directed us to the lounge area, saying they would call or come and get us when finished.  After 3 hours, Joe called and was told they'd check on it and call back.  After another half hour, he walked across the street to the service department and noticed our M/H sitting in the parking lot.  How long it had been there we don't know, but the awning was installed and they didn't know anything about the other things he'd told them to check so we said,"forget it", paid up and left.  If you want unfriendly, slow and expensive service with no concern for you as a customer, try Boudry RV in Tuscon.  We won't be going back.  We stopped at Wendy's at 5:30 for our only meal of the day.
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