On the Road # 8, 2003 - Tuscon, AZ
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Saturday, Mar 1 (Davis-Monthan Heritage Conference Air Show):
     Today we attended an air show celebrating advances in aviation.  We saw propeller driven planes from WWII flying with modern jets.  Notice the high nose position of the F16 as it flies s-l-o-w-ly so the P51 can keep up.  The P51 is a hot airplane and was state of the art in WWII but the F16 can fly twice the speed of sound at over 1500 MPH.  The A10 matches speed with the old aircraft much better, as seen in the second picture, since it is designed for maneuverability and close air support.  Joe asked several people about the old A/C in the third photo and nobody knew what it was.  Anybody out there know?  The 4th photo shows a P51 with F14s and A10s in the background.  The 5th is an A10 taxiing in and the sixth is an F86 which, for whatever reason, did not fly in the show.  It was cloudy, cold and windy today.  We'll check out the airshow again tomorrow afternoon if the weather cooperates.
Sunday, March 2 (DM Air Show):
     It rained last night.  It was fairly warm this morning and we sat out for awhile and watched the morning session of the air show from the campground.  The planes were flying right over us.  See picture #7, 2 A10s and 2 P51s in formation over our M/H, and picture #8, a formation of 2 F16s, 2 P51s and 1 F14.  We planned to go to the afternoon session, but the clouds started moving in and it got COLD, so we stayed home.  We watched a couple of flights from the window until it started raining again and they shut down the airshow early.  It is now raining and the temp is 45 and falling at 4:30PM.  Might snow tonight. 

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Davis-Monthan AFB
Sat, Feb 22 - Thur, Feb 27 (Still in Tuscon, AZ):
     Saturday, we drove across town to the Super Walmart to pick up a few things, then stopped at Wendy's for a spicy chicken sandwich.  We are having cool nights (high 30s/low 40s) but it gets up into the 70s most days.  Sunday we sat outside and read most of the day.  Some folks next door came over and sat for awhile.  The weather is nice.  Monday we sat out and read awhile and some folks came over from across the road and chatted awhile and we went to the PX for Sue to get a haircut.  They had an optical shop there so Joe ordered some new glasses.  Tuesday, we sat outside awile and talked to the folks next door.  He is a retired Navy CPO.  Wednesday we slept late and Joe went over and checked email and paid a couple of bills.  We'll send this later when there is something to tell.  Sue made a pecan pie and we had pie and coffee with the folks next door.  There is supposed to be a 50th anniversary celebration for the Air Force this weekend and an air show.  Maybe we'll get some pictures then.  Thursday, we did laundry and went out to eat at Popeye's Chicken for lunch, then came back to the office and sent email.
Friday, Feb 28 (Still at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tuscon, AZ):
     Joe got a call from the optical shop and went over to pick up his new glasses, then stopped at the office to check email.  It was too cold and windy to sit outside and rained some.  It has been, generally, colder and wetter than we have seen before in AZ.  
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