Sunday, March 9 (Air Force Auxillary Field, Gila Bend, AZ):
     We left Organ Pipe Cactus NP this AM for Gila Bend, just 70 miles away.  By the time we were out of the park we noticed the M/H battery voltage was low and the alternator not charging.  Soon the engine started to cut out due to low voltage to the ignition.  We cranked our generator and Sue drove the rest of the way here with the emergency start button pressed so the generator could provide charging.  We'll have to call tomorrow and try to find a place to get repairs.  We got a spot here in the FamCamp and will try to get out email today.
Monday, March 10 (Still at Gila Bend):
     Joe spent time on the phone today trying to get things worked out and finally found a place here in Gila Bend to fix the M/H alternator problem.  We unhooked and went there.  They checked and said, "Yes, it's the alternator, but it will be tomorrow before we can get one out of Phoenix".  We came back to the FamCamp for the night.
Tuesday, March 11 (Back to Tuscon):
     We went in this AM to the shop but the alternator did not arrive until 2PM.  They got it on within an hour, so we came on to Tuscon, arriving about 6:30, and checked into the overflow area.
Wednesday, March 12:
     Joe called to see if the carburetor, ordered a week ago, for the Honda was in.  They said the only one they could find was in Canada and had been tied up in customs for a couple of days but should be here tomorrow or Friday.  We tried to put the awning out and it would only go half way.  Guess they wound it too tight when they put the new cover on so we have an appointment for 2PM tomorrow to try to get that fixed.  It doesn't look like we'll make Phoenix this weekend.  It was hot today and the forecast is 85 tomorrow, but dropping to 68 for a high Sunday.  It shouldn't be long before we can head north (slowly, of course, so we don't catch up with the COLD weather).
On the Road # 10, 2003 - Gila Bend and back to Tuscon, AZ
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Thursday, March 13:
     We went to Camping World/Beaudry RV at 1PM for our 2PM appointment to get the awning fixed.  The guy got around to looking at it about 3PM and declared that the sliding rails were keeping it from unrolling and that he'd said on the old invoice the tension knobs weren't working right it was not their fault the awning would not fully unroll.  Since Joe was going back and forth between the arms and checking that the tension was off and telling him so, it was concluded that NO ONE could be that STUPID and that he was saying what he was told to say so they could charge for the repairs.  Joe asked to see the service manager and was told the guy he was dealing with was THE Camping World service man (a lie) and if he said that was the problem, then that was it.  They also said they did not have any more time for us and the earliest they could get to us again was 8AM Monday.  Obviously, though they deny it vigorously, Camping World, Tuscon IS Beaudry RV and their service is the same.  We left and stopped at the RV place down the road and made an appointment for 10AM Monday.  In the meantime the carburetor still has not come.  The BAD news is, it was ordered through Beaudry Honda, so whether it was even ordered is in question.  Our advice is, if you break down in Tuscon in front of any place with "Beaudry" on the sign, get towed somewhere else.  We will be here, at least, through Monday night.
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Friday, March 14:
     We'll be in overflow another night, but should get into the main campground, tomorrow AM, where we will have hookups again.  For now we'll just kick back and read.  We may just stay here a few more days since we've missed the Western Heritage festival in Phoenix.  It was cloudy all morning and didn't get as hot as expected so we sat outside all afternoon, read and watched prairie dogs.  The prairie dogs here are smaller than we've seen elsewhere, less than half the size of Smokey the Cat.  Sue took Smokey for a walk on the leash so she could check out the prairie dog holes.  See pictures.

Joe & Nancy Sue,
On the Road, still in Tuscon
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