On the Road # 11, 2003 - Tuscon, AZ
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Saturday, March 15 (Still in Tuscon):
     We got into the main campground with full hookups, today, and have an end spot looking out on one side of the aircraft boneyard with no one in front of us.  We've decided to just stay here a week or 10 days, and get mail sent to us, before we move again. 
Sunday, March 16:
     We drove up to the service station this AM and got a Sunday paper, then back to the CG office and traded out some books at the book exchange.  We sat out for a while but then clouds rolled in and we got some sprinkles of rain and the wind kicked up so we came back inside.  Maybe when the front passes we'll have some cooler weather.  It has been hot (mid 80s) the last few days. 
See two views of the A/C boneyard at right.
Monday, March 17, 2003:
     We went to Ed Hannon RV, they checked our awning and  diagnosed the problem as the torsion assembly and recommended we go back to Camping World/Beaudry RV since it occurred as a result of their installation.  We returned there, the service manager checked it and replaced the torsion assembly.  Then they presented a bill for $120.36 and said it was unrelated to their installation.  Joe also saw the bill they had from Beaudry RV for $102.48.  Camping World not only charged for fixing what they and Beaudry had fouled up originally but even marked it up from what Beaudry charged them.  We now recommend to every one we see that if their rig breaks down in Tucson in front of Beaudry RV/Camping World, they get towed somewhere else.  Still no word on the carburetor.
Tuesday, March 19:
     UPS finally admitted they had destroyed the carbureter in shipment, but the ignition parts are in so Joe made an appointment to get the car worked on tomorrow, and found a rebuilt carb that can be ordered from Auto Zone.  They were doing some kind of exercise on bace this AM and group of troops were running around the area with M16s and an APC went by with a guy manning a machine gun on top. 
A couple of guys stopped 100 yards, or so, in front of our RV, set up a portable command post, covered it with camoflage netting and manned it for a couple of hours.  See picture above.  It has rained for the last 2 days and nights.
Wednesday, March 19 (Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ):
     The weather is nice today.  Joe took the Honda back to Prudence Car Care this AM.  They installed the new ignition parts and it runs pretty good so we decided to leave the carb as is.  It idles fine now after it warms up for a couple of minutes so we can live with that.  Joe stopped at the Jiffy Lube (5710 E. 22nd St.) on the way home and got a lube job and oil change.  They were very nice guys and said they can get motorhomes through their place so that would be a good place to go for that (better than Beaudry RV, for sure).  They also pointed out a couple of oil leaks on the Honda.  He said they couldn't fix them there but called his brother, who has a shop nearby at Lynch Automotive (Swan at Speedway), and Joe went there in the afternoon.  It turned out to be a bigger task than expected so the mechanic attempted to bring Joe home but couldn't get through the main gate so Joe had to walk in.  There were 4 guys with M16s at the gate and an APC with a machine gun on top manned by a young lady in camoflage.  He gave her a smile and said, "Any terrorist who tries to run this gate, You've got him, right?"  With a big smile she responded, "Yes, sir"!  We feel well protected, here on DM AFB.  He was able to catch a ride to the M/H.  The mechanic is to call tomorrow, when done, and bring the car to a gate about 100 yds from our M/H.
Thursday, March 20:
     We've been watching the war all day while waiting for the guy to call about the car.  He finally called at 5:45.  Joe told him to come to the nearby gate and walked out the gate before it closed at 6PM.  After taking the mechanic back to his shop, he returned and we watched the war until bedtime.  Security is pretty tight here.
Friday, March 21:
      We've been watching the war on TV.  Joe went to the office and signed us up until Thursday and sent email.  The weather is very nice here - partly cloudy, 72 degrees at 1:30PM with light wind.  We've seem to have the maintenance problems under control for now (knock on wood), so will kick back and relax for awhile (we hope).

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, DM AFB, Tucson, AZ