On the Road # 12, 2003 - Tuscon, AZ
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Saturday, March 22 - Tuesday, March 25  (Still inTucson):
     For the past few days we have been sitting inside watching the war on TV, or outside reading.  The weather has been very nice, but a bit warm (high 80s) by mid day.  With the low humidity and a nice breeze it's quite comfortable and we haven't had to use the air conditioning.  Joe went by the Commissary and picked up some food and went to the office Sunday night to bring the website up to date.  You can only sign up for 30 minutes of internet time each day.  The office locks at 8PM but it is possible to get out if you're inside, so Joe went in just before 8PM and stayed until he was finished.  Monday, we had a tire going flat, on the Honda, so Joe went out to a tire shop and got that fixed.  Tuesday we watched the war on TV and read all day.  A group of Gambrel quail came by our campsite.  They have a feather which looks like a question mark above their heads.  See picture.
Wednesday, March 26 (Tucson):
     We had planned to leave tomorrow but decided to stay for an airshow, with the Air Force Thunderbirds, this weekend.  Joe went over and signed up until Saturday, which ends our 2 weeks.  They said there might be no waiting list, by then, and we can stay where we are and not have to move to the overflow.  In any case, we plan to leave Sunday or Monday for Phoenix and points north.
Thursday, March 27 & Friday, March 28:
     Thursday we made a run to the PX and Walmart, then watched TV and read.  We've had a lot of birds in the yard, mostly doves, pigeons and finches.  See picture.  Friday, Joe went to the office to check the overflow list and send email.  We'll move to overflow tomorrow, then watch the airshow.

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Tucson, AZ        
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