On the Road # 13, 2003 - Tuscon, AZ
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Sat, Mar 29 and Sun, Mar 30 (Thunderbirds air show):
     Our 2 weeks were up in the main campground and we had to move to overflow this AM.  With thousands of civilians coming on base for the air show, security was tight and they weren't allowing bags, backpacks or CHAIRS, onto the ramp area.  If we went and sat on the ground, we'd have to call 911 to get us up, so we watched from outside the perimeter.  We couldn't hear the announcer but could see most of the show.  There were several aerobatic performers in different kinds of aircraft.  Two helicopters dropped a dozen paratroops with glider chutes and a group called Toro, Toro, Toro, with a whole flight of Jap Zeros, put on a simulation of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  We had demo flights of the A10, F16, F14, Stealth and B1, a MIG 17 put on a show and an odd formation of, 1 each, A10, F16, F14 and MIG17 circled the field a couple of times.  Then the AF Thunderbirds took over and put on their usual show.  It was the same show both days, but after looking into the sun Saturday PM, we went off base and watched from south of the field Sunday and were able to get better pictures.  We leave tomorrow AM (Monday) for Phoenix.
Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Tucson, AZ 
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