On the Road # 14, 2003 - Tucson-Phoenix-Flagstaff, AZ
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Tue-Sun, April 1-6 (Apache Junction [Phoenix], AZ):
     Joe pondered for at least a couple of minutes but couldn't think of a good April Fools joke, so decided to forget the whole thing.  Sue went up to check out the pool and took a dip.  We went to Walmart and stopped at Sonic for a burger, then came back and watched JAG on TV.  Their writer works on a timely schedule because the story was based on our troops being in Iraq.  Wed., Joe went to the office to do email and updated our website with the latest email and pictures.  Sue went to the pool and did her water aerobics exercises.  Thursday, we went back to Walmart and stopped at Wendy's for lunch.  Sue went to the pool again.  Nothing exciting happening here.  Joe called the AF FamCamp up near Flagstaff and was told we might be the only ones in the campground next week, they are not officially open yet and might be getting some snow in the next day or so.  They are at 7000' elevation.  Sounds like we might be jumping out of the oven at Phoenix and into the freezer only 150 miles north but 6000' higher.  Friday, Sue went to the pool, the Churchs called, we met them for dinner at a place called the Village Inn and had a good time and some good food.  Saturday, we washed clothes, traded books at the book exchange, met a lady (retired Navy CPO) in the laundry from Pontotoc, MS and read all day.  This area is mostly caters to "snowbirds", the folks who come south for the winter.  There are about 100 RVs in this campground and there are campgrounds all around us as far as we have gone in all directions.  Phoenix is about 50 mi. across and, if it's all like this area, we think at least 2/3 of the winter population is snowbirds.
We leave tomorrow AM for the AF FamCamp near Flagstaff for three nights.  It is at 7000', so we might see some snow there.  From there we'll go to Lake Powell at Page, AZ.
Monday, April 7 (Luke AFB, Ft Tuthill Rec Area, Flagstaff, AZ):
     No snow here, but chilly.  When we got here, at 3PM, the temp was 58.  At 7PM it is 41.  The electric blanket will feel good, tonight.  Humphrey's Peak (12,633'), about 15 miles north of us, with a bunch of snow on top, can be seen from our window.  We are camped on a hillside of Ponderosa Pines.  See pictures below.
Monday, March 31 (Sante Fe RV Park, Apache Junction, AZ):
     We drove about 100 miles from Tucson to Apache Junction, a suburb of Phoenix, AZ and checked into Sante Fe RV Park.  On the way we got pictures (See below) of a roadside monument to Tom Mix.  For those under 60, he was a cowboy movie star, BT (before TV).  Our friends, Jim and Karen Church (who we met "On the Road" a couple of years ago) came over and sat with us for awhile.  Then we went to the Super Walmart, a couple of miles away, picked up a few groceries and stopped at Sonic for burgers.  We'll stay here for a week.
Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Luke AFB FamCamp, Ft Tuthill, Flagstaff, AZ