On the Road # 15, 2003 - Flagstaff, AZ - Page, AZ
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Tuesday, April 8:
     The low temp last night was 30 and the high today was 60.  We went into Flagstaff for groceries at Safeway and a spicy chicken combo at Wendy's.  The skies are clear but with the wind it is jacket weather outside.  Joe is going up to the office to see if he can do email.  We leave for Page, AZ and Lake Powell on Thursday.
Wednesday, April 9 (Luke AFB FamCamp, Flagstaff, AZ):
     The only other people in the campground left this AM so we have it all to ourselves.  We just stayed in and read and watched TV all day.  We leave tomorrow for Lake Powell at Page, AZ.
Thursday, April 10 (Wahweap CG, Lake Powell NRA, Page, AZ):
     We drove 150 miles, in 3 1/2 hours to Lake Powell, most of it through the west side of the Navaho Nation.  The area is all multi-colored, beautiful scenery, but is so barren it is amazing anything can live there.  There are many small villages within sight of the highway, and we saw a few sheep, cattle and horses, but very sparse grazing.  Many people have craft booths along the highway.  Click here for
Navajo pictures.  We got into our campsite and drove the car into town for a late lunch at Burger King, then drove back along the lake to the CG.  The water level in Lake Powell is very low.  Click here for Glen Canyon pictures.  The CG run by the National Park is closed, for repairs, but the Vendor CG was honoring Golden Age Passports for dry camping while the park CG is closed.  Their regular prices are $15 for no hookups  ($7.50 with card), and $19, with full hookups (card not honored) for the same spot.  Joe offered to pay $5 extra for the hookups ($12.50 total) and the manager agreed so we have hookups.  Ask and, sometimes, you might recieve.
Friday, April 11 (Lake Powell):
     We had read in a newspaper in Tucson about a boat ride on the lake to see some arches over a branch in the lake.  The paper quoted off season rates, through April, of $42/person.  That seemed a bit expensive but we figured "You only live once".  When Joe checked on it, the price was $84.50/person and due to low water we'd have to hike for 1 1/2 hours to the arch.  That ended that, so we'll just kick back and relax until time to move on.  We're paid through Sunday.  There are many other interesting things near here, which we have already seen, so we're just going to be lazy.  To see 2001 pictures of this area, go to picture (Hit "Back" on your browser to return here):
Saturday-Sunday, April 12-13 (Lake Powell):
     We went into town, had buffet at KFC, checked out Walmart, then sat outside and read the rest of the day.  Sunday, we had a late breakfast at McDonald's, Sue did laundry and Joe went up to the viewpoint and made some pictures (See
More Glen Canyon Pictures), then came back and hooked up the car.  We leave for Moab, UT tomorrow.

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Lake Powell, Page, AZ
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