On the Road # 19, 2003 - Moab to Vernal, UT
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Sunday, April 27 (Moab to Vernal, UT):
     We left at 8:40 AM and drove about 230 miles, first west, then NW, then NE, then east.  There was no way to go except round about.  The red cliffs around Moab quickly gave way to rolling gray hills and the poorest country we have ever seen.  We saw a few cattle in low areas with scattered tufts of vegetation, but mostly the ground was totally barren.  It's hard to imagine trying to live off the land in that area.  After we turned NE we climbed on an 8% slope through a pass at 9100', then down an 8% slope on the other side.  As we climbed the barren desert landscape gave way to Fir tress, Aspens and snow along the roadside.  We ran down a canyon alonside a stream and passed a ranch with lots of cattle and horses. 
See pictures below. 

About 15 miles from Vernal the M/H transmission stopped shifting and seemed to be stuck in 2nd gear.  We stayed the night at Walmart and contacted the GM dealer Monday AM.
Monday, April 28 (Vernal, UT):
     We went to the GM dealer this AM.  They checked the codes in the computer but couldn't tell what was wrong with it and said they couldn't work on it.  From 9AM until 2PM, Joe was on the phone with GM, about a dozen times, trying to find a GM authorized service center to do the warranty work on the transmission.  Eventually, they worked out as far as Salt Lake City, 150 miles away, and none of the GM dealers there would work on it.  Finally, GM came up with Two Rivers Cheverolet in Glenwood Springs, CO, about 250 miles from here, who said they would do the work.  We called Good Sam towing service and they agreed to get us towed there tomorrow AM, so we'll  spend another night at Walmart.  Since we'll be half way to Cheyenne, WY, our next stop, we'll just keep going when the M/H is fixed and see Dinosaur NM and Flaming Gorge NRA another time. 

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Moab, UT to Vernal, UT