On the Road # 20, 2003 - Vernal, UT to Glenwood Springs, CO
and the General Motors version of Hell
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Tuesday, April 29 (Vernal, UT to Glenwood Springs, CO)
     We called Good Sam at 8AM to tell them we were ready for the tow.  The wrecker came 140 miles from Fruita, near Grand Junction, CO, and arrived about 11:15.  He got us hooked up and took us back the same way he came.  He stopped in Grand Junction to call both GM dealers there but they wouldn't work on the M/H, so we continued another 100 miles to Glenwood Springs, CO.  We got here abut 7PM and set up in the rear of the dealers lot.  Joe put up the satellite dish but couldn't find the satellite.  We decided it was behind a mountain.  They had a weak CBS station out of Grand Junction which we watched for a couple of hours, then went to bed.  It has been a tiring day.
Wednesday, April 30 (Glenwood Springs, CO):
     It has been a frustrating day.  We sat all day on the lot of Two Rivers Cheverolet and they never got to us, even though we set this up on Monday before getting towed here.  He came by at 5:30 and said they'd get us in the AM.
Thursday, May 1 (Still here):
     They finally got us in the shop about 10:30 and say the transmission is pretty well burned up, but haven't said yet if they'll repair it or replace it.  They are still saying we can't get warranty service unless we can get the invoice where AAMCO bought it from GM, and the AAMCO shop who put this transmission in, is out of business.  We still have the original invoice from AAMCO when they installed it but they are saying that's not good enough.  Joe is in contact with AAMCO headquarters and is working his way up the line with GM.  If they do not honor the GM warranty, we have an extended warranty through Good Sam with a $400 deductible, so we use that to get out of here and make sure GM gets as much BAD publicity as can be generated by posting our story on the internet and writing letters to RV and travel magazines.  How can it be good business to spend millions on advertising and then screw your customers??  We'll report in our next email on our progress.  To the plus, the local GM folks are letting us stay in our disabled M/H on their lot and have now put us where we can hook up to an electric outlet so we can survive here for some time, if we have to.
Friday, May 2:
     Joe called Good Sam Continued Service Plan and was told, since they paid for the transmission 2 years ago with a 3 year warranty from GM, that they're not going to pay for it this time.  GM blames AAMCO for not giving us the receipt where they bought it from GM and Good Sam CSP says it's GM's responsibility, not theirs, AAMCO headquarters says it's the AAMCO dealer's responsibility to provide us the records and the current owner of the AAMCO in Albuquerque says he just bought the place a year ago and doesn't have the records and doesn't know how to contact the previous owner.  In the end, it shows that if they decide to screw you, one excuse is as good as another.  As it stands now, our transmission is warrented by GM who won't honor it AND by Good Sam CSP, who says it's GM's responsibility, not theirs.  It appears, to get out of here, we'll have to pay about $3200 to this dealer for our transmission and the sue GM, CSP, AAMCO and the list continues to grow.  Any lawyers getting this email who'd like a piece of these guys, with "mental anguish", "lost time", "punitive damages", etc???  Supposedly, the transmission is ordered and should be in sometime next week, so maybe we can get out of here then.  Based on this experience, our thought is that anybody who buys anything from GM had better get ready to get screwed as they will grab any excuse to NOT honor their warranties.    

Joe & Nancy Sue, parked at Two Rivers GM in Glenwood Springs, CO