On the Road # 21, 2003 - Still at Two Rivers Cheverolet,
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
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Saturday, May 3, 2003 (Still at Two Rivers Cheverolet):
     Joe finally tracked down the former owner of the AAMCO where we got the transmission 2 years ago.  He told us which GM dealer in Albuquerque he got it from and said he might have a copy of the invoice in his tax files at his office.  Unfortunately, no one will be in his office (or the GM dealer's office) until Monday, but it seems now there MIGHT be two places to find a copy of the receipt on Monday, so we MIGHT get GM to honor their warranty.
Sunday, May 4:
     It rained all last night and was still raining at 6:30 this AM and 33 degrees, so we stayed in bed.  We waked up again about 10 AM and the rain had stopped.  We looked out the window and it was snowing huge white flakes and the cars in the lot had 1-2 inches on their roofs, though none was sticking to the pavement.  It quit about 11:30 and we can see that the mountains are white all over.  There are decorative plum trees in full bloom here and they're quite a contrast to the snow. See email "
Glenwood.jpg".  This town is strung out along the Colorado River and I-70, in a canyon between 2 rows of mountains.  The town is at 5763' and the mountains go up another 2000' on either side of us.  We are about 40 miles from Aspen and 60 miles from Vail.
Monday, May 5 (To Rivers Cheverolet, Glenwood Sprigs, CO):
     Things are looking up!!  Joe called Galles Cheverolet in Albuquerque.  They sounded very bored with the prospect of looking up the invoice and said they might get to it this afternoon and would call back.  We're not holding our breaths.  He then called Harry Weingard's new place of business and was told, by the secretary, they'd look it up as soon as Harry got out of a meeting.  Harry called back 15 minutes later to say he had the invoice and was faxing it.  Joe went inside and told Brian, who went back and got it off the fax.  It even had our VIN # and mileage on it.  Brian's comment, "That should do it".  an hour later Galles Cheverolet in Albuquerque called back and said they had the invoice and were faxing it so now we have a backup copy.  It is finally in the hands of GM and they'll have to dig deep to not honor their warranty now.  We feel a whole lot better.  With luck the transmission will be in Tuesday or Wednesday and we can get out of here before the weekend. 

Joe & Nancy Sue, Temporarily off the Road, Glenwood Springs, CO