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Tues, Wed & Thur, May 6-8 (Glenwood Springs, CO):
     We sat in the M/H, at Two Rivers Cheverolet, and read Tuesday and Wednesday.  We made a trip to Walmart and Safeway and when we returned the transmission had arrived.  They said they'd put it in Thursday.  We sat in the waiting room and read until they got it done about 3:30 PM.  It was too late to hit the road so we're staying in the parking lot one more night.
Friday, May 9 (Warren AFB FamCamp, Cheyenne, WY):
     We left Two Rivers Cheverolet in the rain about 7:30 AM and had only gone 10 miles when we could see the traffic was stopped on both sides of the interstate.  A rock slide had come down across the westbound side of the interstate and some big boulders spilled over onto the east side and clobbered a minivan about 2 miles ahead of us.  See
Cheyenne.jpg.  Had we been minutes earlier, it could have been us and we'd have made a bigger target.  We were held up for a half hour or so until the cops and rescue people arrived, picked up the people in the van and opened one lane of traffic.  A highway crew was clearing the westbound lane above us and that traffic was backed and not moving, up for miles, when we left the area.  As we gained altitude the snow became heavier alongside the road.  See Cheyenne.jpg.  We stopped at Camping World in Denver and picked up some supplies we needed, then continued to Cheyenne, WY to the FamCamp at Warren AFB.  We saw a herd of antelope on the base near the FamCamp.  After we got set up, Joe took the car back up the road and made pictures of the antelope.  See Cheyenne.jpg.  The FamCamp is not officially open until May 15 and the water is not turned on.  We do have electricity and we're going to need the electric blanket tonight.  The temp is 37 at 9:30 PM and it is raining.  We'll be here through the weekend.
Saturday, May 10 (Warren AFB FamCamp, Cheyenne, WY):
     About 10:30 last night we looked out the window and it was snowing big wet flakes and this AM we had 1-2 inches on the grass and vehicles.  As this is written at 1 PM, it is cold and wet outside and a mixture of rain and snow is still falling.  We saw on the weather channel that Denver and vicinity has a foot of snow.  It's good we got through there when we did.  We planned to leave Monday but will hunker down here until the weather is decent.  Maybe we are out running summer on our way north. 
Sunday, May 11:
     We waked up this AM to bright sun and blue skies and high 60s at 11AM but by 3PM it was back down to 50 with new clouds moving in.  We'll stay through Monday to try to get prescriptions filled.  We'll leave Tuesday if the weather is OK. 
Monday, May 12 (Warren AFB, Cheyenne, WY):
     The weather today was beautiful, sunny and warm.  Joe went to the pharmacy this AM and got prescriptions filled.  Then we drove around the base.  This base was originally a calvary post in the late 1800s and did not become an Air Force Base until the late 1970s, when it became headquarters for the Missle Command.  It may be the only AF base in the world without an air field - no runway, no hangars, no planes.  Most of the buildings are over 100 years old.  They have been modernized on the inside but still look, on the outside, like they did in the 1800s.  Most new buildings have been built in the same style, with the same red brick so they blend with the old.  The result is quite pleasing to the eye, compared to the quonset huts and temporary buildings on most bases.  We stopped by the Base Museum, which was built in 1894 as the Base Commander's quarters, and the Archeological Museum where an archological dig was done about 12 years ago.  We saw antelope everywhere, in yards and alongside the road.  They are not wild and pay little attention to cars or people walking by.  We will leave tomorrow (Tuesday) AM and head north.  For today's pictures see "

Joe & Nancy Sue, On the Road, Warren AFB, Cheyenne, WY
On the Road # 22, 2003 - Glenwood Springs, CO to Denver, CO
to Warren AFB, Cheyenne, Wyoming