On the Road in 2007 with Joe & Nancy Sue Reeves - Travel Pages
Home is where we park it, but last year we were mostly parked at our fixed home.
Hope we can do some traveling this year, but we are both getting too old and decrept to do much.
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Off the Road #  1 - Jan, Feb, Mar - Sue gets a hip replacement.  Joe goes to the hospital for heart
                                      catheterization.  More doctor visits and spring arrives.
Off the Road #  2 - Apr, May, Jun -  Uncle Cleo is sick!  More Doctor visits!   We visit Bob and Nita.
                                      Uncle Cleo dies on June 4.  We attend the funeral, and Sue's cousins visit us                                       later.  On June 21, we have a visit from Bob, Nita, Nathan and Jenna.
Off the Road #  3 - Jul, Aug, Sep -  July was a dead month, doctor visits.  A roof air conditioner went                                       out on the motorhome.   We go to Columbus for repairs.   More troubles                                       with the motorhome.
Off the Road #  4 - Oct, Nov - We take Sue's glass to the Oktober Fest craft show.  We change the
                                      date for our trip to Florida.   Methodist Harvest Day.  We visit a cane mill.
On the Road #  4a - Nov, Dec - We take our "promotional" Florida vacation and cruise.  It was not
                                      quite up to the hype!  We're sick with the crud!  To Florence, MS, for Christmas.                                       Jerry Bishop retirement party, on the 30th.                              
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