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It looks as if our traveling days are about over!  Hope we can find something interesting to put here - -
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Off the Road #  1   January, February, March 2008:    Mostly a boring 3 months. We made a few trips
                                  to Jackson, for doctors appointments, and had a light snow in March.  (Photos)  

On the Road #  2   April, May, June 2008:    Its Springtime in Mississippi.   We make a short trip, with
                                  the Caldwells, to The Corps of Engineers Park, near Columbus, MS.  We attend an
                                  old friend's 50th wedding anniversary. (Photos) 

Off the Road #  3   July, August, September 2008:    In July, a visit from cousins and Donna Caldwell's
                                  birthday.  In August, a Parkes cousin reunion and the Freeny School reunion.  In
                                  Sept, the Freeny family reunion.  (Photos).                                    

Off the Road #  4   October, November, December 2008:    In October, we attend Methodist Harvest Day,
                                  Bob and Paula Anchutz come to visit and Jamie Lee Freeny has a wedding. (Photos)
                                  November - NOTHING!   December - Sue goes for gall bladder surgery.  Christmas is
                                  a non-event.  

Joe and Nancy Sue Reeves - Mostly Off the Road   

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